Speak Again

fanfiction by Wild Iris

This is the personal fanfic site of Wild Iris. Here I post stories set in several fandom universes, mostly of the fantasy genre. The universes were created by other people; these particular stories were created by me.

I like drabbles and other short forms. I can't plot (wish I could). That gives you some idea of what's here: vignettes, mood pieces, a few poems. I have a fascination with lovers who either have to kiss or kill each other, so they might make appearances too, along with people slaughtering other people on beaches, gratuitous stuff about different editions of books, and subtext without any actual text.

A few more things about this site:

You who do not remember / passage from the other world / I tell you I could speak again…

— Louise Glück, 'The Wild Iris'

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